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PCSFeb 19, 20242 min read

6 Questions to Ask when Researching an IT Provider - Part 2


Among the paramount inquiries to make to Managed Service Providers (MSP) is about their response time. It's crucial to gauge how promptly you can anticipate your IT partner to react to your queries or issues. Furthermore, understanding how their response time varies between routine matters and critical IT emergencies is imperative. When probing about response time, take into account the following aspects:

  • Helpdesk Hours: Familiarizing yourself with the operational hours of your partner's helpdesk is vital to ensure timely assistance for your organization. While some helpdesks provide round-the-clock support, others adhere to specific office hours. Assess the level of support your company requires. During the helpdesk's operational hours, what is the expected timeframe for receiving assistance? Are prolonged wait times anticipated? Will unresolved tickets linger for extended periods?
  • Emergency IT Response Time Acknowledging that not all IT issues demand immediate attention, it's crucial to ascertain the availability of your MSP partner during emergencies. Will they offer 24/7 availability for urgent matters? Can you rely on them to resolve critical issues promptly? In the event of a data breach, what protocols do they have in place? Having clarity on these aspects will aid in understanding your organization's needs during unforeseen emergencies.
  • Response to Solution Timing: After establishing communication with your IT support provider, how long will it take for their team to devise a solution for your problem? While rapid response time is commendable, the efficacy of the solution's delivery timeframe is equally significant.

Gaining insight into your organization's requirements during both operational and off-hours is pivotal in selecting the most suitable MSP partner.

In terms of response time, PCS stands out by offering comprehensive coverage with a team of friendly, well-trained professionals and services geared towards ensuring swift helpdesk response time, including 24/7 live support with a remarkable response time of within 30 seconds.

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Next, we'll explore the third question: What Services are Actually Covered by the Provider?
For more than twenty years, PCS has excelled in partnering with enterprises across various industries, providing exceptional technological support and managed services. Our mission is to empower organizations to focus on and achieve their unique goals. Reach out to us today for the insights necessary to make informed decisions regarding your organization's IT requirements.