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Helping you build a foundation for Cloud success.

AWS Partnership

Cloud technology plays a vital role within contemporary business networks, driving data accessibility, security, swiftness, and expandability. Nevertheless, despite the abundant advantages for users and operational effectiveness, the shift to the Cloud can present difficulties for unprepared organizations.

Being recognized as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner, PCS offers comprehensive assistance to businesses across various AWS services, encompassing strategic planning, architectural design, seamless migration, proficient implementation, and ongoing enhancement. With PCS as your partner, you gain assurance in an effective, meticulous, and user-friendly Cloud integration journey.

AWS Consulting Partner

Your AWS Cloud Experts

For most enterprises, the process of transitioning to the Cloud and optimizing Cloud operations is a substantial undertaking. To achieve success, organizations necessitate an intricate blend of knowledge, resources, and expertise to fulfill their Cloud ambitions. Additionally, businesses require assistance in designing and effectively managing intricate workloads within the Cloud environment.

At PCS, our team of experienced Cloud professionals collaborates closely with your own, delving into your complete spectrum of requirements, business objectives, financial considerations, stakeholder support, and future plans. This collaborative effort culminates in the development of a comprehensive Cloud strategy that aligns seamlessly with your specified timelines and aspirations.

Take a deep dive into your infrastructure’s architecture to find potential roadblocks.


Get expert fingers-on-keyboards help working through technical challenges.


Build a strategic agenda to guide your ongoing infrastructure development.

Cloud Consulting

Harnessing the capabilities of over 200 PCS Managed Services experts in conjunction with our AWS proficiency, we facilitate the following for our clients:

  •  Achieve greater security and compliance
  • Control costs
  • Meet and exceed business objectives
  • Increase Cloud resilience and agility
  • Improve overall time-to-Cloud and time-to-market
  • Experience ongoing Cloud expertise, continuity of care, and scale with growth

Cloud Readiness Consultation

How can you determine your readiness for Cloud adoption?

Constant communication plays a pivotal role in comprehending your organization's requirements and objectives. Our group of AWS specialists will conduct an in-depth technological evaluation of your IT structure to reveal application preparedness, security vulnerabilities, and areas requiring resolution, all while devising a comprehensive strategy to ensure a successful Cloud journey.

Cloud TCO Analysis

Seeking understanding regarding investment in a Cloud project?

The Cloud's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is determined through a formula that encompasses all expenses and advantages associated with a Cloud computing initiative. We conduct a comprehensive Cloud TCO Analysis, providing an in-depth perspective on costs, methods for calculating Cloud Return on Investment (ROI), the fiscal implications on Capital Expenditure (CapEx) and Operating Expenditure (OpEx), depreciation timetables, leases, and additional financial considerations.

Cloud Operations Optimization

Cloud optimization entails precisely allocating resources to applications or workloads. Upon identifying deficiencies in your existing Cloud infrastructure management, the PCS team will engage in remediation and enhancement efforts to optimize your AWS environment.


Cloud Partner Funding Initiatives

Requiring aid in financing your AWS Cloud project?

As your AWS collaborator, PCS will guide you through the array of funding choices offered by Amazon Web Services, aiming to alleviate the expenses associated with your Cloud migration or optimization endeavors.

Expedite Cloud Migration & Modernization Projects

Stakeholder endorsement plays a pivotal role in ensuring the triumph of Cloud migration. Nonetheless, the project's progress can falter due to diminishing commitment to support, unforeseen complications or interdependencies, and the lack of appropriate resources and proficiency for execution. PCS will collaborate with you to propel your migration forward along the correct path, meticulously tailored for sustained success in the long run.

Cost Optimization Support

Utilize your relationship with PCS to explore effective strategies for leveraging automation, reserved instances, and a range of AWS features and solutions. These approaches are aimed at fine-tuning and managing Cloud expenses for optimal cost control.