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Tech Support for Every Industry

Regardless of what type of products or services you sell, one thing’s for sure: You need your computer system and network to function quickly, securely, and reliably. With all the technological advancements of recent years, it’s increasingly challenging for organizations to employ their own in-house IT staff who possess the up-to-date knowledge and skills needed to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot every aspect of their organizational systems and devices.

For over 20 years, PCS has successfully partnered with enterprises across numerous industries to provide the technological support and managed services needed to help organizations focus on and achieve their specific goals.



Why Choose PCS as Your
IT Partner?




At PCS, we’re a customer service company with deep IT expertise. Although we’re a large company with over 200 IT professionals, we respond, react, and deliver personalized care for your organization like a small company. We guarantee you live technology support within 30 seconds from a dedicated team of experts that will provide you with customized services and solutions. We never require any long-term contracts that will keep you locked into services you no longer want or need — instead, we’ll work hard to earn your business every single month.



PCS Service Highlights

PCS is experienced in successfully providing proven technology support solutions across a wide spectrum of industries. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Network management services: You can rely on us for all of your network management issues, including infrastructure setup, support and security.
  • Helpdesk support: Get connected to a knowledgeable IT expert in 30 seconds or less every time you call LiveLine.
  • IT maintenance services: We can manage all of your hardware and software so that you never have to worry about your system crashing again.
  • Computer tech support: Maintain your devices with our maintenance, diagnostics, and troubleshooting support for computers and devices.
  • Data backup and protection services: Prevent data theft and loss with our secure data backup services.
  • Server management: With our server management services, you can maximize your uptime so that your business can run without any interruptions.
  • Mobile device management: Protect your organization’s network by ensuring all mobile devices are secure at all tim


In accounting, maximizing efficiency and safeguarding client data are key for your firm's success. At PCS, we partner with accounting firms to create scalable IT solutions tailored to individual growth trajectories. Let's collaborate to accomplish your business objectives and deliver unparalleled customer service.

PCS's IT support services empower your firm to revolutionize its operations securely and swiftly. Innovations like Cloud-based storage facilitate seamless, secure data access from multiple locations, ensuring data consistency. Real-time updates to business records enhance precision and streamline efficiency.

PCS Managed IT Services can help fortify system security through remote monitoring and comprehensive protective measures. Through the use of electronic records, you can enjoy expedited services without compromising the integrity of your clients' sensitive information.

Our responsive support and reliable IT really add up. Contact us.

Shared by Customers:
“For over ten years PCS has been our trusted managed IT partner. They have grown with us as a company, working closely to keep our systems secure and up to date. PCS provides us with reliable and timely service for everything from minor problems to special projects and major upgrades.”

Bridget K. Fee, Asst. Business Manager,
Haefele Flanagan



Architecture & Engineering

Architecture and engineering firms heavily depend on technology for tasks ranging from blueprints and schematics to client communications, each accounting for a substantial volume of data. Information technology systems play a pivotal role in rendering plans, performing calculations, and streamlining complex processes. Sustaining dependable access and implementing robust security require a precisely administered IT infrastructure capable of addressing needs within a time-sensitive context.

Given that maintaining in-house IT departments can be cost-intensive and lead to knowledge gaps when coping with the everyday strains on IT infrastructure, architecture and engineering firms can trust PCS to manage their business system proactively and correctly. Doing so ensures the comprehensive maintenance of all business systems allowing employees to stay productive.

Why choose PCS? Because we transcend the conventional IT company role. At our core, we’re a customer service organization that excels in the realm of IT. Our team includes over 200 exceptionally skilled IT experts with extensive knowledge in engineering software programs and the systems on which you rely. 

Let’s build a partnership.


In construction, time is a critical factor and cost are the most crucial factors. When working to meeting a contracted deadline, delays resulting from an unreliable network infrastructure are unacceptable. Technology should be used to enhance efficiency and bridge the gap caused by tight timelines. Yet, construction managers frequently face the challenge of achieving more within limited timeframes and budgets.

Employing a fully staffed IT team can literally break the budget on certain projects. With PCS, you can attain the same level of dependability, security, and accessibility in your technological setup without inflating your payroll expenses.

PCS managed IT services provide a cost-effective solution for construction firms seeking to achieve their objectives while simultaneously meeting the expectations of their workforce and clients. By partnering with PCS, you can trust our experienced team of 200 technicians to oversee your technology infrastructure, enabling you to focus on meeting your project deadlines.

Let’s break ground on an IT partnership. Contact PCS.

Shared by Customers:
“To start with, PCS's helpdesk is phenomenal. When you call, you get a technician on the phone almost immediately. Their account management team is second to none. PCS has saved EASRCC close to $25,000 for our infrastructure upgrades over the last few years; due to the IT strategy that they implemented when we upgraded our Exchange and Dell Servers.”

Frank Speziali, Facilities Manager,
Eastern Atlantic State Regional Council of Carpenters



With the advancement of educational technology, educators and staff now rely on many tools to share knowledge. However, the reality is that most educators lack the time and skills required to maintain all of these technologies or promptly address issues as they arise.

When you choose PCS for technology service and support, you can discover a solution that aligns with your budget while enhancing the learning journey.

Modern educational institutions increasingly turn to Cloud storage and other online technologies for tasks such as grading, managing educational materials, fostering collaboration, and more. Through technology, learning is possible anytime and anywhere with students enjoying instruction in diverse settings. As your partner, PCS is equipped to resolve student-enabled device problems and uphold the systems that comprise the learning ecosystem. You can trust PCS to optimize these resources by enhancing their security, accessibility, and dependability.

PCS technicians are prepared to assist you whenever the need arises. We offer both remote helpdesk support and in-person assistance to address issues encompassing student and office devices. To ensure student safety, all PCS technicians visiting on-site undergo fingerprinting and background checks.

Ready to learn more? Contact PCS today for comprehensive Education IT Services and Helpdesk Support.

Shared by Customers:
“The PCS technician assigned to the project was highly-skilled person and demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and had the social skills that made him very easy to work with.”

From the project lead of a school that partnered with PCS. After starting with one technician, the school system expanded project responsibilities and ultimately replaced eight in-house staff members with just four PCS technicians.



Financial Services

In finance, optimizing efficiency while safeguarding both your clients' financial data and your organization's data is essential. At PCS, we partner with banks, credit unions, and financial planners to design IT solutions tailored to the unique demands and growth plans of each enterprise.

PCS IT support services open avenues for your organization to engage in swift and secure business operations through innovative approaches. Technologies like Cloud-based storage can maintain data consistency while enabling secure access from multiple locations. Real-time updates to bank accounts deliver precision and efficiency, safeguarding the ongoing safety and security of your clients' data.

PCS utilizes remote monitoring and other security tools to help keep electronic records safe allowing you to provide faster service without compromising the integrity of sensitive clients information.

With regards to IT services and support, PCS pays out in dividends. Learn about our comprehensive range of Financial IT Services and Support.

Shared by Customers:
“My experience with PCS goes back about 12 years. Prior to that, I was with another company providing computer services. I am not saying they were hard to work with because they were fine. Therein lies the problem, they were fine. But I believe, Thunderbolt required something extraordinary. We are a financial service organization and in that, we need prompt service response. We cannot wait for a couple of hours when the system is down. We process the finances of more than 3,500 members. It is impossible to tell them we are down for a couple of hours waiting for service and they will have to wait to access their money.

Without question my initial trial of PCS for Thunderbolt exceeded even my expectations. If we have any issues, I can contact a person(s) at PCS immediately, who knows not only how to make repairs but also knows our business. Am I satisfied?? NO!! We are ecstatic we chose PCS. This is their business to lose. I look no farther

Bob Millard, President/CEO 
Thunderbolt Area Federal Credit Union

Health & Medical

If providing healthcare support is your business, it's essential to prioritize top-tier IT support for both you and your clients. Healthcare and medical services are now completely intertwined with technology. Everything from electronic health records and email communications to insurance and billing relies on computers and digital data.

Current technology advances the spread of medical information to clients, enabling swift action during health emergencies.

It also accelerates payment processes for medical professionals and healthcare providers, facilitating smoother operations for healthcare businesses. Given that each of these advantages hinges on technology, dependable and professional IT services play a crucial role in maintaining optimal performance with medical offices.

Depend on PCS to manage your technological health and security. Contact us for comprehensive Medical and Healthcare IT services.


In hospitality, guests now anticipate tech-savvy services and amenities when they choose accommodations. From guest records to the check-in process, a substantial portion of your operations can now be digitized. Whether you're considering an upgrade to your current technology or seeking a transition to something new, PCS is here to assist!

A properly managed IT system not only streamlines your operations but also enhances guest satisfaction through improved communication, ensuring consistency throughout your hotel or resort.

Additionally, an enhanced information system enables you to provide more precise booking services and introduce features that your guests will truly appreciate. By partnering with an IT service provider that understands your needs, you can dedicate your efforts to maximize guest experience.

Effective IT management and helpdesk support are our amenities. Contact PCS for IT solutions in Hospitality.


In an insurance agency, your priority is to cater to your clients' needs so that they continue relying on your services. At PCS, we know the insurance industry and work to leverage technology enhancements and innovations to your advantage. By entrusting our team with your IT services, you can focus your attention entirely on serving your clients.

Thanks to technology, we have more resources than ever for supporting the management of policyholders. IT support from a trusted MSP like PCS will allow you to take advantage of these tools to give your agency true competitive advantages. Modern technology sets industry leaders apart from their competition by increasing efficiency and improving customer service. 

It’s our policy to deliver valuable IT solutions and helpdesk support.  Contact PCS today.

Shared by Customers:
“To say PCS is one of our most trusted vendors and partners is an understatement. As a business owner, having a highly-skilled IT resource is paramount. I can’t tell you in words the confidence I have in this company to complete tasks, follow up on problems, and, in general, make my life easier during the course of daily operations. Moreover, if a problem arises or a team member needs help solving the challenges of a tech hang-up, I can rest easy knowing that PCS will jump right on the issue.

PCS is the best Managed Service Provider I have ever used by far. From their help-desk to their knowledgeable team leads, the entire staff is aces. Anthony and Traci have assembled a fantastic team and an even better system of follow-up to make sure no job (regardless of size) gets dropped—I can’t recommend PCS enough.

If you are looking for an outsourced Managed Service Provider or are struggling with your current IT partner, you MUST take a look at PCS as a solution.”

Victor D’Angelo, COO 
VillaNOVA Insurance Partners

Law Firms

Law firms have embraced computer technology for research and strategic purposes since the start of computers. Today, the significance of leveraging IT for legal services has never been greater. 

PCS offers a comprehensive range of outsourced IT legal services designed to keep your team productive and connected. We’ve helped law firms all across the country find and implement effective IT solutions for their businesses. Because we understand that internet security and data protection are critical to your law firm, we employ a layered approach to cybersecurity.

Yet the scope of services extends far beyond this area. As a customer service company, we deliver personalized, responsive helpdesk support. Our extensive team is comprised of over 200 experienced technicians across a wide range of IT specialties. Whether it pertains to installing cutting-edge legal software or enhancing your internet security to shield your data from prying competitors, PCS has someone ready to help.

Time is of the essence. We know that you don’t have time to explain your network issues to every technician. Needing a lean, streamlined office that can respond quickly is part of why you don’t want an in-house IT team in the first place. The outsourced PCS IT professionals answer your call ready to tackle the job with the experience in legal software needed to get you running fast 

In brief, for customer-focused IT services and 24/7 helpdesk support, contact us.


Customer Story:
A partner at a national law firm with more than 500 lawyers called and explained “Our entire computer system is down, our tech can’t fix it, and someone said you could handle the job.”

PCS immediately dispatched two of its best technicians who discovered that the firm’s infrastructure had a “heart attack” because their virtualized environment crashed. The team stabilized the system, created desktop support, and reconfigured the network. The firm’s entire network was restored by the start of business the next morning. Afterward, PCS provided new, detailed recommendations on how to prevent a similar situation in the future. Within a few months, the law firm turned over their entire IT function to PCS.

“It was a perfect storm, which no one anticipates until you’re in it,” explains Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS CEO and President. “The law firm had gotten comfortable with their system, and they let a few IT people go. The only person on deck was a junior administrator who lacked the expertise, experience, and the crisis checklist to handle a true IT emergency. The firm first turned to another outside IT vendor for help. After discovering that the depth of the problem and the need for rapid resolution were beyond their capabilities, the vendor recommended PCS.”


As a manufacturer, prioritizing safety and efficiency stands as the main priority. You strive to increase production figures while upholding a secure working environment for your team. Are you aware that an outsourced IT system can play a pivotal role in achieving these goals? At PCS, we help businesses like yours every day achieve more with our personalized IT solutions.

Our team of IT specialists have a wide range of expertise supporting manufacturers. Our mastery of IQMS manufacturing software allows us to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and collaboration necessary for delivering optimal customer service. Additionally, we are well-versed in several other commonly used manufacturing systems. 

When you partner with PCS for your IT needs, you can concentrate on your main business goals. Our efficient IT system will help speed up deliveries, streamline operations, and enhance customer interactions. With PCS handling your complex IT infrastructure, you can focus on meeting your production goals and managing your supply chain.

Contact PCS for Manufacturing IT Services that actually work for you.


Customer Story:
A plastic components manufacturer in Pennsylvania contacted PCS when the mountings of their storage system overheated and crashed their entire network impacting multiple facilities. Their full-time administrators couldn’t handle the complexity of the problem nor the needed physical infrastructure replacement.

“That incident resulted in a loss of time, money, worker hours, and delivery schedule because of the failure,” comments Anthony Mongeluzo, PCS CEO and President. “It’s easy to say, ‘all hands on deck,’ but if no one has the specific skill set necessary, you need more than willingness before you can return to normal operations. I’m proud to share that PCS was able to solve their technology issues and restored their normal operations.”

After that eye-opening experience, the company brought in PCS to evaluate their IT environment which culminated in a complete overhaul of their infrastructure resulting in a large virtualization project. The manufacturer was so pleased with the results that they retained PCS to help integrate their IT network with a newly acquired printing company.


For non-profit organizations, managing a budget can be an art form. Investing in technology to connect with your cause and supporters may be a priority, but it can also be budget-breaking. Fortunately, PCS offers outsourced IT services that can help you realize your tech objectives while adhering to your budget guidelines.

Professional IT services and helpdesk support can greatly benefit non-profits and charities. By leveraging these services through PCS, your organization can benefit from the expertise of over 200 technicians without having to hire an internal staff.

How often do you find yourself pulled into issues surrounding IT management and reacting to system issues? With PCS as your IT service partner, you enjoy 24/7 technology support which enables you to fully focus on achieving your mission.

It's our mission to provide you with helpful technology services so you can achieve your mission. Reach out to PCS help.

Real Estate

Technology has ushered real estate into a new digital age. Effectively listing properties and maintaining seamless communication are crucial in helping clients to find dream homes and businesses to find new offices or parcels. Yet, because most agents are pressed for time, they can't afford to be distracted by IT problems.

Outsourced managed IT services can help optimize your technology resources by enhancing security, efficiency, and reliability. Entrusting PCS with your IT support ensures your organization benefits from tailored IT infrastructure that meets your requirements while safeguarding client data from cyber threats. Many agencies also rely on Cloud storage and online tools to back up and manage crucial data such as client information, housing data, and more.

When your technology correctly monitored and managed by PCS, you can keep your focus on new listings that pop up instead of worrying about system downtime. PCS technicians are at your service whenever you require assistance through 24/7 helpdesk support and in-person to address any office-related challenges.

For outsourced Real Estate managed IT services and helpdesk support, reach out to PCS to close the deal.

Recruiting & Staffing

In the world of recruiting and staffing, your unique position enables you to appreciate the value of augmenting talent to solve organizational challenges and achieve goals. A dedicated Managed Service Provider (MSP) aligns seamlessly with this plan by offering skilled individuals and supportive services to address an organization's IT needs.

Beyond cost considerations, maintaining an internal IT department within your agency involves knowledge gaps and employee absences while coping with the everyday IT demands. Partnering with PCS for managed services and customer-focused IT support effectively addresses your technology management needs without the additional overhead of a dedicated internal team.

PCS is much more than just an IT company. We’re a team of over 200 highly qualified customer support professionals who are also experts in IT. 

Contact PCS for top-notch IT services and outsourced Helpdesk support. Put our team to work for you.


From payment processing to inventory management systems, eCommerce, and email communication, technology forms the foundation of modern retail operations. Digital transactions not only grant access to historical records but also expedite new purchases, ensuring your customers enjoy a seamless and satisfying experience.

All these functions rely on your IT infrastructure, and any prolonged service interruptions will be detrimental to your business. This is where PCS will help as your outsourced IT provider. Apart from providing cybersecurity tools to safeguard your data and customer credit card information, we manage your entire infrastructure to maintain a steady flow of transactions, data access, and communication.

PCS recognizes your desire to deliver an uninterrupted customer journey. This aligns with the type of experience you can anticipate from our customer-first IT services and LiveLine support. We're always available and seamlessly connected, serving as your 24/7 technology partner. Through LiveLine, you can will be speaking to a live technician within 30 seconds.

Don't let outdated IT hinder your sales. Reach out to PCS for comprehensive IT services tailored to your retail business.

Customer Story:
“We struggled for years to find a partner that could understand how to best fit with our small support staff to understand a clear delineation of responsibility. We found PCS to be a great partner that slots perfectly with our team! In addition to handling all server updates and monitoring all issues, PCS gives us access to employees with widely varying expertise which allows us to focus them as rifle versus the shotgun approach of throwing resources at a problem hoping to resolve issues.

When we need high-level advice, we turn to our VCIO for guidance. If we have a major impact to our production systems at 6:30 am, we can rely on PCS engineers to assist us remotely, or we can bring them on-site for major work as needed. PCS has given us the ability to expand and contract our IT team as needed without having to add more fixed cost of employees.

Primitives By Kathy has relied on PCS for about a year, and we look forward to growing with them in the future.”

Small Business

Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of every business. Whether it's utilizing accounting software for precise bookkeeping, implementing a program to streamline inventory management, or deploying a seamless communication system to expedite products through the supply chain, IT drives business's competitiveness in a highly challenging market.

PCS knows business IT because we have over 200 technicians on our team who supports businesses of every size. This depth of knowledge ensures we have someone with expertise in your area exactly when you need them all day, every day of the week.

If your business is growing, allocating resources for a full-time, in-house IT support team might strain your budget. Fortunately, with PCS as your outsourced IT partner, maintaining a full internal staff is unnecessary. By entrusting our IT services to manage your technological needs, you can redirect your attention and budget savings back to achieving your business goals.

Helpful IT service is literally our business. Contact PCS for outsourced IT services and dedicated Helpdesk support for businesses of all sizes.

Customer Story:
"As a business owner, I highly recommend using PCS for all of your IT needs. The benefits of using PCS are numerous and have helped my business run more efficiently and effectively.

Firstly, PCS provides proactive maintenance and monitoring of my IT systems. This means that any potential issues are detected and resolved before they become major problems, minimizing downtime and ensuring that my business operations run smoothly. Secondly, PCS offers a wide range of IT services, including network management, data backup and recovery, security solutions, and more.  Thirdly, PCS  provides round-the-clock support, ensuring that any IT issues are resolved quickly and efficiently so that I can focus on running the business without worrying about IT-related issues.

Overall, using PCS has been a game-changer for my business. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that my IT systems are being monitored and maintained by experts is invaluable and has allowed me to focus on growing my business. I highly recommend using PCS for any business looking to streamline its IT operations and improve their overall efficiency."


Partner with PCS

Regardless of what type of products or services you sell, one thing is certain: You need your computer network and devices to function reliably, securely, and quickly. Yet with all the technological advancements coming daily, it’s challenging for organizations to employ their own IT staff who possess the up-to-date knowledge and skills needed to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot their technology correctly.

In partnering with PCS for IT support, complying with industry regulations and company policies will become easier. Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals have extensive experience working in a wide range of sectors and are up to date on all of the latest requirements, regulations, and technologies so that you can always count on the best quality service from the team at PCS.

If you're ready for a helpful, responsive technology partner who understands your unique business, contact us today.