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AWS Cloud Migration

Cloud migration involves transferring a company's diverse digital properties, services, applications, IT utilities, and databases to the Cloud. This process also encompasses the relocation of data from one Cloud platform to another.

Embracing Cloud technology enhances nimbleness, adaptability, creativity, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency. It allows for streamlined IT management and improved handling of customer anticipations.

Throughout the journey of Cloud migration, businesses will encounter and need to address various hurdles.

  • Business Support: Securing approval from stakeholders throughout the entire organization.
  • Dependencies: Addressing crucial infrastructure and application interdependencies within your systems.
  • Legacy Applications: Enhancing the functionality of current applications.
  • Cloud Management: Developing a post-migration support strategy.
  • Estimation: Accurate assessment of complexity and effort is essential.

Steps to Migrate Your Business to Amazon Web Service

Cloud Migration has the potential to bring transformative changes to organizations, yet the pre-migration preparation can often be overwhelming due to the multitude of decisions and budgetary considerations. PCS is committed to assisting businesses through three distinct Migration Phases: Assessment, Mobilization, and Migration & Modernization.

  • Assessment: We begin with an in-depth discovery session aimed at comprehending your current system configuration.
  • Mobilization: We will uncover any potential obstacles, financial constraints, or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed, ensuring your team is well-equipped for success both before and after the Cloud migration.
  • Migration: The migration process will commence, focusing on meticulous testing of all applications. Upon successful relocation to the Cloud, we will fine-tune your AWS environment for optimal performance.

PCS Migration Solutions

PCS specializes in streamlining the transition from your existing operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS). After successful migration, businesses operating within the Cloud can oversee and optimize their infrastructure in terms of utilization, cost, performance, and security. This leads to simplified processes and an expedited migration experience.

We invest time in comprehending your distinct requirements, laying the groundwork for sustained success. With PCS, you gain access to our wealth of experience in facilitating migrations with minimal disruptions.

Facing limitations such as cost-effective tools, proficient engineers, and expedited processes during rapid migrations is common for organizations. Our seasoned technicians step in to assist companies in seamless scalability, averting complications through a straightforward approach:

DETAILED PLANNINGCollaboratively strategizing and aligning your migration objectives with AWS best practices.
BUILD FOR LONG TERMCrafting a sustainable blueprint and objectives for enduring Cloud success tailored to your specifications.
ACCELERATE MIGRATIONPreventing setbacks in migration that could weaken the business proposition, PCS ensures your migration remains on schedule.
LICENSINGOffering insights into licensing requisites and promptly notifying you of any necessary changes.