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PCS Critical Incident Response Team

What is the PCS Critical Incident Response Team?

The PCS Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT), consisting of skilled technicians and engineers, is well-prepared for quick recovery projects. Whether in-person or virtual, our team can seamlessly complement your existing IT staff, offering support day or night, 365 days a year.

We specialize in providing services precisely when you need them the most, ensuring you have the support you require during your most vulnerable times.


Immediate Remote and Travel-Ready Incident Response

In the face of a data breach or ransomware attack, prompt action is imperative.

The PCS Critical Incident Response team acts swiftly, remotely accessing your system at any hour to initiate data retrieval and recovery from the attack.

Additionally, our PCS CIRT is equipped to travel onsite promptly, ensuring a timely and efficient resolution to your issues. Whether by car or plane, rest assured that the PCS Critical Incident Response Team will be there to assist you during your cyber emergency.


Incident Response Project Management


Our experienced Incident Response Coordinators efficiently manage recovery tasks, utilizing a customized incident tracker for detailed insights. Regular executive update calls with client leadership foster effective communication and collaboration. We are fully committed to assisting you throughout the recovery process.

Scalable Team Size

Our team boasts a wide range of diverse skills, ensuring the right expertise for your incident. We scale the team with the ideal number of engineers for efficient remediation. Rest assured, your incident will receive top-notch support from our dedicated experts.

Post-Breach Infrastructure Remediation and Restoration


IT teams can easily become overwhelmed by unexpected and unfamiliar incidents. The remediation process is not only time-consuming but also demands significant labor. Thankfully, our proficient team of engineers is here to assist you. By collaborating with your existing IT staff, we can offer invaluable support. This enables your IT team to focus on their routine tasks while we efficiently take charge of managing and resolving the incident. Rely on PCS to handle the remediation effort, alleviating the burden on your internal resources.

Backup Assessment and Recovery


In any recovery scenario, backups play a crucial role. Unfortunately, threat actors often focus on targeting backups to hinder the recovery process. Our dedicated team specializes in investigating the condition of your backups, assessing their reliability, and efficiently orchestrating restorations to ensure the recovery of your critical data.

Active Directory, Exchange, and Hypervisor Recovery and Remediation

Experience plays a crucial role in incident remediation. Our team possesses the necessary expertise to effectively handle and restore Active Directory services, ensure seamless email connectivity, recover mailboxes, and efficiently bring hypervisors and associated servers back to optimal working conditions.


EDR Deployment

Implementing an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Tool stands as a vital initial defense against ongoing malicious activities. Leveraging reliable and proven automated deployment techniques, our team works diligently to safeguard your IT assets, ensuring comprehensive protection.


Impacted System and File Triage, Detection, and Mitigation


Assessing the extent of the incident's impact can be overwhelming. However, you can count on our team to meticulously investigate the impact on your servers and files. We will then proceed to remediate any identified indicators of compromise with utmost diligence and expertise.

Decryption Tool Experience and Automated Deployment

Each Threat Actor group employs different decryption tools, making it challenging to tackle them without proper expertise. Lack of familiarity with these tools can significantly delay recovery efforts. However, our experienced team is well-versed in various decryption tools. We possess the necessary knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively deploy these tools, ensuring prompt restoration of access to your valuable data.

HelpDesk Augmentation and Support Services

While a helpdesk is designed to handle daily user needs, it may struggle to support the entire user population simultaneously during critical incidents. As a proactive response to most incidents, a company-wide password reset effort becomes necessary. To address this challenge, our team of skilled helpdesk technicians can seamlessly integrate with your existing helpdesk process on a larger scale. They are adept at guiding users through any necessary tasks during an incident, ensuring smooth and efficient assistance for all users.

Post-Incident Infrastructure Hardening and Improvement Recommendations


The post-incident steps are equally vital as the incident response effort. Often, incidents reveal areas in the IT infrastructure that require improvements to prevent future occurrences. Our team can assist your IT staff in executing essential measures, such as complete Active Directory hardening, email migrations, multi-factor authentication implementations, privileged access management configuration, and other necessary actions to fortify your environment against potential malicious attacks in the future.