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PCSJan 30, 20242 min read

6 Questions to Ask when Researching an IT Provider - Part 1


It is erroneous to assume that any technology support provider can cater to the IT needs of all organizations. The provider you choose should possess proven experience specifically tailored to your industry. Industry-specific experience matters due to the unique demands, challenges, and risks associated with each sector.

For instance, if you operate a law firm dealing with sensitive data on a daily basis, the IT provider should have expertise in safeguarding such information to ensure regulatory compliance. The operational understanding, awareness of industry-specific challenges, and familiarity with distinct IT risks are critical factors to consider when selecting an MSP.

When selecting an MSP, it is essential to choose a partner well-versed in the following areas:
  • Operations: IT requirements can vary significantly across industries. Whether you seek general support or assistance for project-based initiatives, having an MSP that comprehends the intricacies of your operations is crucial.
  • Challenges Industry-specific challenges differ; for instance, healthcare challenges are distinct from those in education. Your IT partner should excel in addressing these challenges, making the problem-solving process more seamless with experience in overcoming industry-specific obstacles.
  • Risks: Various industries encounter unique IT risks. For example, some sectors are primary targets for cyberattacks, while others prioritize different risks. Do you prefer an IT support provider that understands these specific risks or one that applies a uniform risk categorization across all industries? Choosing an MSP with insight into the specific risks your industry faces enhances your overall cybersecurity strategy.
When evaluating potential MSPs, inquire about their experience in serving industries similar to yours. Ask for information about their current support for competitors or other companies within your sector. Research their reviews and request references to gauge their services and customer satisfaction. If a provider lacks relevant experience, it may be prudent to explore alternative options.
Next, we'll discuss the second question to ask: What is Your Response Time?
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