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PCS 24/7 LiveLine

What is an IT Helpdesk?

IT Helpdesk, also known as IT Support or Technical Support, is centralized to provide assistance and resolution for various information technology-related issues and inquiries. 



What Does PCS IT Helpdesk do?

The PCS IT Helpdesk is here to troubleshoot and resolve problems related to hardware, software, networking, and other IT-related areas 24/7. Some common tasks and responsibilities of an IT Helpdesk include:

  • Handling technical inquiries: Responding to user queries and providing guidance on how to use hardware, software, or applications.
  • Troubleshooting issues: Identifying and resolving technical problems faced by users, such as system errors, software glitches, or network connectivity problems.
  • Incident management: Recording and tracking user-reported incidents in a ticketing system, ensuring they are properly addressed within defined service level agreements (SLAs).
  • User account management: Assisting with user account setups, password resets, and permissions management.
  • Software installations and upgrades: Helping users install or update software applications on their computers.
  • Hardware support: Providing assistance with hardware-related issues, such as printer problems or malfunctioning devices.
  • Remote assistance: Offering support to users remotely, either via phone, email, or remote desktop tools.
  • Escalating complex issues: If a problem cannot be resolved at the helpdesk level, escalating it to higher-level support or specialized teams.
  • Knowledge base maintenance: Updating and expanding the helpdesk's knowledge base to facilitate faster issue resolution in the future.
  • Proactive support: Identifying potential IT problems and taking preventive measures to avoid or minimize downtime.
Connect with a PCS IT Support Expert in Under 30 Seconds

What is PCS LiveLine?

PCS LiveLine is the IT support service that offers immediate and personalized assistance to customers whenever they need it. The core tenets of LiveLine support are helpfulness, friendliness, experience, and speed. When clients call for live IT support, they can expect to speak to a PCS team member within 30 seconds.

Unlike other support services, LiveLine ensures that customers won't encounter automated scripts suggesting solutions they've already tried. Additionally, there's no need to wait for IT help until the next business day as LiveLine support is available 24/7. The PCS IT support team is dedicated to providing assistance without overwhelming customers with complex technical jargon, aiming to make the experience as straightforward and understandable as possible.

Overall, PCS prides itself on being a team of friendly and knowledgeable IT support staff, always ready to help with technological needs in a personalized and empathetic manner. Their goal is to walk clients through the steps of problem-solving, ensuring both they and their organization can understand and implement the solutions provided.



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